European cup 2010


European Cup begins

20. 05. 2010 19:54:02
Welcome to the official website for the European Cup 2010 in Street hockey for the year 2010 The tournament starts June 3 and will continue June 6. ...

Instead of Kladno arrives Karvina

30. 05. 2010 22:02:02
The tournament was signated with the change. The Czech team HBC Alpiq Kladno has to call off his participation at the tournament and instead Kladno will arrives HbK Intevo Karvina. ...

Most with two attacks

03. 06. 2010 23:45:31
The Czech team of HBC Pento Most was presented in the first game with a good play. The players had good rudiments of the both of the halfs. In 13th second they led thanks to Polacek and in 38th ...

Martin wants to amends the taste

03. 06. 2010 23:48:06
The Streethockey players of Martin were in the Slovak extraleague final six times consecutive, but the title still not gained. The same situation was occured also by the last final between Doprastav ...

The Cup has been opened

04. 06. 2010 06:44:35
Short after the 18:00 o´clock P.M. was officialy opened the European Cup 2010. In interest of the mayor of city part Bratislava - Raca, Ing. Slavomir Drozd, the EC director Ing. Jaroslav ...

The weather complicated the games

05. 06. 2010 00:42:05
The weather has made during the second day some problems to the organizers. The match between Petrzalka and Eagles began with the latency. The greatest stormwater during the May in the Slovak ...

For frankfurters and kofola

05. 06. 2010 00:43:33
Hradec Kralove is playing well at the tournament. After the victories over Petrzalka 5:1, Eagles 6:0 and Ruzinov 1:0 they have a nice score of 12:1. The team decorates very good defence, when in ...

They changed the puck for ball

08. 06. 2010 21:43:56
The interest of the 14th year of European Cup were the players from Finland because it was the first tournament for the teams in Ballhockey. As said the couch of Perapohjolan Poropajat - Jari ...

The fair-play prize for Pelikassit fans

08. 06. 2010 22:20:35
There´s not a strangeness, that at the Ballhockey tournaments are going with the players also fans. Those, which were travelling to Bratislava from Finland agitated the interest other players ...

We can´t control critical moments

10. 06. 2010 22:30:05
The Slovak national Champion Doprastav Bratislava loss in the final with Hradec Kralove 0:2. After the match, whose end had not anything common with sport, was for home couch very hard to find the ...

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Target statistics

The tournament order:

Autosklo H.A.K. Hradec Kralove  
LG TPS Doprastav Bratislava  
SKB Izoglobal Martin
Reebok Hockey Ruzinov  
HBC Pento Most  
HbK Intevo Karvina
Perapohjolan Poropojat
HKL-MJM Petrzalka
Heilbronn Hornets  
HSC Eagles
ASKO Villach


Jan Bily (Hradec Kralove)
Jan Bacovsky (Hradec Kralove)
Lukas Hora (Hradec Kralove)
Jan Rimsky (Ruzinov)
Harri Maenalanen (Pelikassit)

Individual awards:
Best forward - Patrik Svitana (Martin)
Best defenceman - Jozef Minarik (Doprastav)
Best goalkeeper - Martin Surek (Doprastav)
Nivea Heineken
Sappe Robinson 
Chonkovce Evol Sunflower